Subscription is subject to the package's validity period or maximum login quota whichever come first.
Example: Subscription is subject to 12 months validity or a maximum of 360 times successful login whichever come first.
On the expiry of your subscription (either at the end of 12 months or successful login of 360 times), subscriber may renew for another valid service period.
User may login and out multiple times using the same computer and same explorer within the same day, this consider as one login. Every time when a user login and out from a second computer or second explorer within the same day, those login shall be consider as multiple login.
订阅有效期为12个月或成功登录最多360次, 以先到者为准
在您的订阅到期 (12个月结束或成功登录360次), 您需要订阅新的配套